Postati referentno ime za uzgoj i selekciju pedegriranih ovaca, kao i proizvodnju i i distribuciji jagnjećeg mesa vrhunskog kvaliteta na području jugoistočne Evrope.
About us
The desire to breed Romanov sheep in Bosnia and Herzegovina arose in 2015, for several years we actively researched and visited various farms throughout Europe. After two years, we decided to introduce highly selected breeding heads with a known origin in several generations. The guiding idea is to develop a network of breeders from the parent herd over time throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina - farming is conducted according to the principles of organic farming.
In addition to our offer of high genetic quality breeding animals, we are also able to offer top quality lamb meat!
Sheep farm Hacienda de la Vida d.o.o. was established in 2017 in the municipality of Kiseljak. The breeding herd was imported from the Czech Republic from the farm of Mrs. Michaela Kvisova one of the three best breeders in Europe. Through controlled and planned mating, we have produced high genetic quality animals and preserved a pure blood line of sheep, which is of great importance for potential breeders - with appropriate housing and feeding conditions, they will be able to fully use the potential of this breed. We were the first in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina to introduce electric identification chips, a scanner is used to read the chips, which enables remote reading, without disturbing the animals. Information on mating, lambing, animal growth is stored in purpose-built software.
In 2019, the construction of a new farm complex began, where the focus is on the stable building, which covers a surface of almost 2000 m2. The construction and equipping of the facility was carried out according to the most modern world standards in the field of ecological livestock, and will certainly serve as a demonstration farm for this type of activity. During the construction of the facility, local subcontractors were hired wherever possible - because in addition to the business aspect, it is important to consider local development as well. The facility was put into operation in August 2020.
In the upcoming period we plan:
- expand the breeding herd,
- develop the sale of highly selective breeding animals of known origin in several generations and
- introduce an innovative method of animal nutrition using sprouted grain as a basis for sheep nutrition.

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